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SEMPU torque sensor


Since the development of contactless resistive torque sensors in the 2011, after years of verification, we believe that this measurement method is optimal.

Although this approach has high technical requirements for circuits and software because it involves wireless power supply and wireless transmission, it is the best cost and durability once the technology matures.

Over the past 7 years, we have received a lot of feedback and used it for product improvements, continuous optimization of circuit and software algorithms, mechanical structures, increased testing equipment and test content, and significant breakthroughs in reliability and consistency.

At present, the Japanese market has made a lot of use of our products, their strict attitude towards the product is of great help to us.

We have added a 5V power supply version, the original 12V power version of the power range expanded to 7~60V, the specification model has also increased. We are confident to provide customers with stable and reliable, attractive product prices, welcome to call letter inquiries.


Supply voltage:         5 or 12 V DC (2 kinds)

The 5V version can operate under 4.75-12 V DC

The 12V version can operate under 7-60 V DC

Working power :         ≤0.45W

Pedal pulse:             48/T (Single channel 48 or double channel 24)

Base voltage:           1.5V (or customer specify)

Voltage scale:           0.15V/10N.m (0.25V/10Kg·F)

Max. output voltage:     4.4V

Linearity error:              <10%

Working temperature:   -20 - +60℃

IP level:                 IP65

Outlet definition:

There are two modes of speed signals for ordering: one has bi-phrase speed signals, each produces 24 pulses per turn, the other has 1 speed signal, outputs 48 pulses per turn, plus 1 direction signal, with sensing angle of 3.75 degrees.

T2.3 Assembly size:

In other word, the working principle for T2 is to detect the trampling pressure, while for T4 is to detect the driving force of chainwheel.

T4.3 Assembly size:

Assembly procedure for T4:

In order to make the left and right foot detection data more accurate, follow the identification to install the crank direction.

After installation, the 0-point voltage may change slightly, static for 5 minutes in the startup state, and it will automatically repair the 0-point voltage.

T4 accessories contain 4 claws or 5 claws of spiders and screws that do not contain crank and tooth slices.

Assembly procedure for T2:

The crank joint hole angle can be 0°(L) or 45°(R) (Default 45°).

Please specify your detailed requirements when ordering:

Model: T2.3 or T4.3

Length: BB length and total length

Power supply Voltage: 5V or 12V

Speed signal: bi-phrase speed signals or the speed and direction signals.

Crank joint hole angle: 0°or 45°

Spider: 4 claw or 5 claws (for T4 sensor)

Cable length: Standard configuration is 150+700mm.

EMC authentication:

Waterproof and dustproof test:

Letter patent:

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EMC authentication

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