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The non-contact resistance sensor has better fatigue performance and higher accuracy than piezoelectric sensor.

The BB cup and the fixed cup are designed to be segmented, thus don't have to worry about rough disassembly damaging the cable for any more.


Supply voltage:  10-60V DC Working current: 40mA

Pedal pulse:      48/T Resolution:              0.25Kg·F

Base voltage: 1.5V±0.03 Non-linearity: ±0.04V

Voltage scale:    0.25V/10Kg·F Max. output voltage:   4V

Sleep current: 8mA Sleep time:           10 min

Rated load: 60Kg·F Maximum load: 200Kg·F

Signal update rate: 100Hz Output impedance:    100 Ω

Working temperature: -20~+60 IP level IP65

outlet definition

There are two modes of signal selection. The middle axis outputs 48 signals per turn, and the fastest starting angle is 3.75 degrees.

Input and signal output

T2.2/T2.3 Assembly size

T4.3 Assembly size

5 claws and 4 claws available for chainwheel:

Assembly procedure

T41-2-3-4-5A-6A T21-2-3-4-5B-6B-7B

EMC authentication

Waterproof and dustproof test

letter patent


EMC authentication

2018 06 21

EMC authentic...


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